Ingenious handmade Dummy Bibs

I’ve always been a huge fan of shopping independently and since becoming a mum, it has become increasingly important to me after coming across so many fantastic mums working from home and just bossing their small businesses across social media. I love buying handmade and seeing the detail and skilled craft that goes into making individual items, so I’d much rather pay to support someone’s small business rather than hand my cash over to a huge faceless corporation any day of the week.

I thought it might be worthwhile for anyone who’s interested to share a few of the brilliant people we have found along the way.

So to begin with one of my more recent finds, a lovely lady on Facebook who runs her handmade business, Blankey & Co, from home, making all sorts of kickass baby related pieces. My favourite has to be these dummy bibs. (I know not every mum uses dummies, but we definitely do in our house and these bibs really are just aces.)

The dummy loops through the poppers at the bottom of the bib around baba’s neck and prevents the really fun never-ending game of baby throwing dummy on the dirty ground so mum can pick it up, clean it and begin the game again…

Made from really lovely, high quality material that genuinely lasts, backed with a soft fleece and with so SO many fabrics choices, your mind will be blown. (Above is just a small selection, no, seriously there’s LOADS more.)

Best thing is you won’t even have to flog a kidney to get one, only £4.99 each or 2 for £8 and with free postage, you really can’t go wrong! You can find her Facebook shop here. I highly recommend you check it out!

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