Discount alert! Personalised baby backpacks


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I just LOOVEEEEE buying handmade. Anything that’s one of a kind and made with love just makes me all fuzzy inside. So whilst on the hunt for a unique nursery bag for Amélie, you can imagine my happiness when I stumbled across a Facebook shop run by a wonderful mama boss who hand makes all things bag-gy (nope, not a word, but it should be) and beyond for the small (and big) humans among us… Continue reading “Discount alert! Personalised baby backpacks”

Ingenious handmade Dummy Bibs

I’ve always been a huge fan of shopping independently and since becoming a mum, it has become increasingly important to me after coming across so many fantastic mums working from home and just bossing their small businesses across social media. I love buying handmade and seeing the detail and skilled craft that goes into making individual items, so I’d much rather pay to support someone’s small business rather than hand my cash over to a huge faceless corporation any day of the week. Continue reading “Ingenious handmade Dummy Bibs”

You’re not a bad mother

Having a baby brings about the craziest mix of emotions with a side order of ‘I’m going to make all the wrong decisions and screw up my kid before they’re even 1’ kind of anxiety.

Parenting is hard; it’s a confusing world of contradictions and judgement and often feels like nothing you are doing is the ‘correct’ way of doing things. So on that topic, there’s a few things I need to get off my now less-than-perky chest…
Continue reading “You’re not a bad mother”

10 important lessons babies can teach us about life

Babies really are such incredible teachers. We can learn so much from them just by observing them. Small humans experiencing the pure innocence of life through brand new, untainted eyes; the little things we, as adults, often overlook after a lifetime of tarnished vision.

So, I thought I would share with you a few things I think we can all bring into our everyday lives and improve our state of mind, from observation of some of the smallest (and stickiest) yet wisest beings on the planet… Continue reading “10 important lessons babies can teach us about life”

Simple but effective baby-carrier scarf hack

Simple but effective baby-carrier scarf hack

If like me you were one of the many people who rushed out and bought the WHOLE baby section of your local department store when you found out you were preggers, without doing a whole lot of research beforehand, then you may have ended up with a baby-carrier that doesn’t quite meet *puts on glasses and clears throat* ‘safe baby-wearing standards’.

Narrow based baby-carriers, such as the popular, big brand Baby Bjorn are deemed controversial in the baby-wearing world. Evidently these are often referred to in the healthcare profession by the term ‘crotch dangler’ (actual LOL – sounds like a fun name for a penis if you ask me) and are not considered ideal in terms of comfort or support for either baby or the wearer. Despite their flaws, these willy-dubbed carriers are widely available everywhere and are often the first carrier an expectant parent tries. That’ll be me then. The not-so-proud owner of a second-hand Baby Bjorn crotch dangler… Continue reading “Simple but effective baby-carrier scarf hack”

15 new things I’ve learned in the first 6 months of parenthood

15 new things I’ve learned in the first 6 months of parenthood

It’s hard to believe I have been a mum now for just over half of a year. I could write a book about all the things I’ve learned about myself, parenting and poo, but I’ll save you (and me) the time and gory deets and just provide the abridged version.

So here are some of the latest things I have learned from the fruits of my groin in the past sunshine-soaked six months… Continue reading “15 new things I’ve learned in the first 6 months of parenthood”

Easy ways to entertain a 6 month old baby for free

Discovery box

I spend a lot of time trying to find ways to entertain my baby that don’t involve TV, or huge, plastic, musical contraptions. Plus I just love to upcycle/recycle (or desperately find a use for all the crap I hoard before my boyfriend finds it and throws it out). Whatever you want to call it, when I can make something instead of buying it, I’m happy.

We’ve all done it, shoved our purse, keys, TV remote in the sticky hands of our little one for just 2 seconds of peace – well this is a household goods adventure that takes things to another level and allows babies to investigate and explore their surroundings. I’m sure it’s tried and tested by lots of mamas everywhere, but it’s a relatively new concept to me and as it was such a success I thought I’d share it with you all.

So here, I’ve found a way to combine recycling and freeing up my arms, all the while with an entertained Amélie. Win win WIN… Continue reading “Easy ways to entertain a 6 month old baby for free”

Life with a newborn baby: expectation vs reality

Life with a newborn baby: expectation vs reality

As it is often said, ‘The best parents are the ones without children’, and I was certainly no exception. Like most during pregnancy, I was living in a state of blissful ignorance and had many preconceived notions about motherhood and what I would be like as a parent. I had it allll figured out. Since then, our little bundle has arrived and I look back and realise just how innocent I was, how naïve… Continue reading “Life with a newborn baby: expectation vs reality”

14 things it helps to know about the first week of motherhood

14 things it helps to know about the first week of motherhood

Well it’s difficult to summarise down to just 14 things, because to be honest I knew diddlysquat about newborn babies, let alone living with one. But here are a few things that I learned once home with our new human (because it turns out they actually let you leave the hospital without any training or anything). So from one new mum to another (or even mums-to-be), have a read and take comfort in the knowledge that the struggle is real and you are not alone… Continue reading “14 things it helps to know about the first week of motherhood”