Hi, I’m Holly, a 20 something online marketer and, most recently upgraded to, first time mum to baby Amelie.

I decided to start this blog primarily as a way to try and maintain at least a little sanity in this sticky whirlwind of poo and leaking boobs I’ve suddenly found myself in, but also because, between feeding, cleaning baby sick out of my hair and 7,000 loads of washing everyday (at least), it just made sense for me to do SOMETHING productive during naptime (something other than heading to the fridge that is).

Also, as an English girl, living in southern Spain, I’m not ashamed to say that it has been somewhat of a struggle adapting to pregnancy, birth and beyond, away from home and, well, my mother tongue. With a considerably small network of people around me I found myself practically living and breathing maternity blogs and forums whilst housing a human for ten months, and while there are many fantastic pregnancy and parenting blogs out there, I found it difficult to find one that I could really relate to.

And so here I am, writing about my experiences in adjusting to the demands of new motherhood away from home, our adventures together and hopefully preventing myself eating ANOTHER slice of cheese on toast.

So if anyone is reading this and wants to get in touch, it would be just GREAT to hear from you. Hit me up: mummingaround@hotmail.com

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